Australian Citizenship Test Tips May Help You

Posted : Sunday, January 13th, 2013
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Welcome to website. We here to ensure, you are in right place to practice and prepare for citizenship test through an Australian based website before you seat for actual test. This website includes Free Samples, 500 possible questions and answers you may get in real test, designed to enrich your knowledge about format, type and timing. We added 500 questions and answers to practice in 25 sets, each set contains interactive 20 questions and answers, with assessment and recommendation.

The whole test is in English. There are 20 questions you will answer in actual test, and must correct at least 15 out of 20, which is 75% of total marks. Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond (Published by Department of Immigration and Citizenship) is the only booklet used to prepare web-based tests to assist users. All 20 questions in actual test randomly select from 3 testable parts of original booklet, namely as Part 1- Australia and Its People, Part 2- Australia’s Democratic Beliefs, Rights and Liberties, Part 3- Government and the Law in Australia.

Report published by Department of Immigration and Citizenship, dated 30th June 2012, 2011-12 program year summary revealed 71662 clients sat for citizenship test, 70744 (98.7%) passed the test. The percentage of Humanitarian Program clients who passed the test was Only 90.7%. Same report stated Chinese and Vietnamese candidates failed more compare to other nationalities (Summarized from Report published by Department of Immigration and Citizenship).

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