Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you create an account?

  1. Please click on Purchase, select Premium Package, fill up registration information details require, and click on submit.
  2. Once you click on submit, you will proceed to pay via pay pal (you can pay from debit or credit card also).
  3. After payment completed, you will get instant access to all 500 questions in 25 sets, 20 questions in each set.
  4. Automatic generated username and password will send to your email address, please check your email inbox.


Q. How can I start practice after payment?

Please login using your username and password, select premium/questions and then select practice tests, you will see Model Test 1 to Model Test 25. please start practice any set you choose.

Automatic generated username and password sent to your email address, please check your email inbox, you can change password any time form My Account.


Q. How can I pay?

After successful site registration, you will be prompted to complete payment via PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal, credit cards are accepted). Once your payment is processed via PayPal and accept is notified, your account will have full access to start practice.


Q. Already registered, how I can Pay Now and start practice?

If you already registered and have username and password, please login from website.

(If forget password, you can reset, please click on Forget).

Once you login into Website.

Please click on Premium/Questions, Practice Test and then click Renew now.

Pay Pal link will prompt.

You can select to pay by debit or credit card (if do not have account).

Once payment completed, you can back to website, and start practice immediately.

Please select Premium and Practice tests to start practice all 500 Questions.


Q. Is payment secure?

PayPal is used by millions of users world-wide securely.


Q. I have just paid, however when I login to my account it states to renew my subscription?

If payment was successful, your account will be ready and activated to practice all questions and access premium content within 24 hours. In most cases, we will anticipate to activate your account within a few minutes, otherwise please allow up to 24 hours for activation.


Q. Can I call and speak to consultant if I am having difficulty using this website?

Yes, please call us on 04-268-268-33, If unable to answer, please send SMS or leave Voice Mail, will get back to you as soon as possible.


Q. Is this a government website?

No, its not government website. We used Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond”, original book prepared and supplied by Department of Immigration and Citizenship to prepare all 500 questions and sample questions.


Q. When I can claim refund or renew?

Only if you fail actual test and supply us with proof of evidence (example your result sheet)


Q. How regular website materials update?

Every fortnight (if any change) from “Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond”, original book prepared and supplied by Department of Immigration and Citizenship.


Q. Does it include a non-testable part?

No, all questions and answers made up Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond. Therefore, it is more efficient to spend time on testable part only to maximize actual test outcome and avoid unnecessary readings.


Q. How are the questions combinations mixed?

Questions mixed from 3 parts of “Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond” Booklet. Based on content and importance, more question prepared from complex paragraphs.


Q. How many questions are in each set?

20 questions, same as actual test you will get 20 questions to answer in 45 minutes. In actual test, you must correct 15 questions out of 20.


Q. How many total questions are in this website to practice?

500 Questions, 25 sets and each set has 20 questions. In addition, 20 Free Sample Questions


Q. Who are your target clients?

Purpose of this website to include broader client base, especially who wants time-efficient way to practice sample tests before seat for actual official test.


Q. How much is the total cost?

Starting from $29.95 including GST. No additional cost.


Q. Does this website guarantee a pass?

Practising 500 questions, there is high chance to pass in actual official test. In actual test, you must answer 15 out of 20 questions correctly in 45 minutes. Hope, you may pass only by practising our 25 sets of questions. We do not guarantee, but reading booklet and practising questions and answers, pass is easy.


Q. Will I get same questions in the real exam?

You may or may not. Any similarities between actual official test and our website questions are coincidence and non-intentional.


Q. How many times are you eligible to practice?

As many times as you like within valid subscription period 3 months, extension possible on request.


Q. How can I assess each question if it is right or wrong?

Yes, if you select wrong answer, it will prompt up with right answer, so you have opportunity to learn.


Q. How will each set assess and display the result?

After you answer all 20 questions, you will get assessment and review, also recommendation.

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