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  • All prices include GST
  • Website is for end user subscription and practice only. Not permitted to copy or re-use for commercial purpose. Copyrights reserved by australiancitizenshippracticetest.com.au only.
  • I consider website materials to enrich my knowledge and sample test before I seat for real test, but does not guarantee confirm pass.
  • I agree not to make any unnecessary, false or misleading comments, review through any social media and/or any other types of electronic or non-electronic media. However, any complaint, compliment and feedback are always welcome.
  • All personal information I have supplied to buy specific subscription purpose only for specified period of time.
  • Any third party website link appear on this website, or I visit through this website is my own liability and responsibility.
  • Free sample test is for demonstration purpose only and will get more in-depth questions and answers through subscription.
  • Questions and answers prepared from all three testable parts of “Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond”.
  • I am willing to pay full price to get subscription for a period of maximum 90 days. Longer period subscription requires to pay additional fee.
  • No refund, if you simply change your mind, defers your real test or any others reasons, except you fail in real test only. Refund can be claim, once you supply us with proof of exam failed.
  • It is your sole responsibility to read through “Australian Citizenship: Our Common Bond”, original book prepared supplied by Department of Immigration and Citizenship, and then practice our questions and answers will stimulate outcome.
  • Subscription fee could increase anytime without any prior notice, however one you paid and subscribed, there is no intention to change your fee.
  • Copyright to all content of this website remains intellectual property of Australiancitizenshippracticetest.com.au.

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